RAD Camp & The Sharp Suit

RAD Camp is a non-profit organization located in Orange County, CA that provides awesome summer camps for individuals with developmental disabilities.  Camps are offered twice a year (one for adults and one for kids and teenagers) and provide nearly every conceivable summer camp activity: arts & crafts, games, drama, scrapbooking, dance, swimming, a talent show, and even a concert!  And the best part about RAD Camp is that it has a life-changing impact on everyone involved.  The campers get an awesome experience, their caregivers get a much-deserved respite, and the generous volunteers develop amazing new friendships. 

Our sister, a loyal RAD Camp volunteer, initially introduced us to the organization.  Over the years we've seen her participate in numerous camps and we've witnessed just how amazing an experience the campers receive!  The camp just moved to a brand new facility this past year, and we can't help but want to do our part to help further the life-changing impact of this organization. 

As a proud supporter of RAD Camp, The Sharp Suit will humbly donate proceeds from each pocket square sale towards the organization and its amazing mission.