5 of the Bestest Menswear Tips, According to Everyone

Take a stroll through the internet and you'll likely pass one of the infinite menswear lists littered throughout the digital paradise.  They are literally everywhere.  Here's one.  Just found another.  This one was all the way on page 8 of our Google results - who even looks at page 8?  All these lists make it hard to know exactly which rules you should follow or how you should be dressing.  And that's wear (wink wink) The Sharp Suit comes into play.

We tirelessly scoured these endless lists and created one menswear list to rule them all.  This list distills all the most critical, timeless points from every other list into one easy to find, and even easier to read, ULTIMATE MENSWEAR LIST.  Quite simply, this is the bestest menswear list on the internet.  There is no longer a need to waste minutes searching websites for that perfect piece of style advice.  We've collected the tips for you - just sit back, relax, and bathe in the most comprehensive menswear tips you've ever enjoyed.

1. Learn the basics, i.e. how to button buttons

To the uninitiated, clothes can seem a little daunting.  So many sleeves, fasteners, loops, and pockets can be hard to know how to wear anything.  That's why the best place to start is with the basics.  And nothing is more basic than making sure you know how to button buttons.  Buttons are a menswear staple - they're on shirts, pants and jackets.  And they're even found in multiple locations.  For example, shirts often have buttons sewn onto their front, the sleeves, and occasionally even the collar.  And there's no possible way to put newly acquired fashion advice to good use unless you know how to wear your stylish clothes.  So do yourself a favor.  Watch a Youtube video, practice with a friend, check out a book from your local library, but do whatever it takes to ensure you can button your buttons.  Otherwise, you'll be stuck wearing that great tie GQ recommended with a t-shirt and gym shorts.  Not a good look, buster.

  Should have learned how buttons work...

Should have learned how buttons work...

2. Study rainbows

Here's a good one.  And here's a double rainbow!  Worst case, find a color wheel you can glance at on occasion.  Whatever it takes, just make sure you can tell the difference between blue and green and red and yellow and orange and purple and brown.  Those are all colors that you might come across in the world of menswear, so it's important to know what each looks like.  Remember that one post you read that mentioned navy sport coats are in this year?  Too bad you didn't learn what color navy is.  Now, you won't be able to pick that color out of the suit lineup at your local department store.  Aw man, I grabbed the chartreuse suit.  Don't be that guy!  Study rainbows and learn your colors - your sense of style depends on it!

3. Have lots of money $$$

Otherwise, how can you afford this $1,500 Burberry London suit that GQ recommended in their work style list?  'Nuff said.

4. Buy clothes short and tight

This one is obviously true because every fashion blog and menswear post features lean, chiseled men wearing body-tight suits and pants displaying their tanned ankles.  If they're wearing it then that's exactly what you should be wearing, too.  And it goes without saying: once things go out of style they never come back, so you're safe in assuming this look will be in style forever.  Plus, comfort is for suckers.  Only chumps buy clothes that fit their body personal body type and complement their own style.  We certainly don't want to be chumps.  It's tight jackets and short pants for us all day, every day - and that's not uncomfortable at all.

 Someone didn't get the memo...

Someone didn't get the memo...

5. Do not think for yourself

If you knew what best suited your personal style, you would have crafted some of those menswear lists littering the internet.  The guys and gals writing those lists have obviously met you and gotten to know your personal style, so they took all that into account when creating their lists.  It might seem like you should take the time to understand your personal preferences, develop your sense of style, and dabble in menswear at your own pace.  But that's 110% wrong.  These folks you've never met have already done the work for you.  Just take their advice, so you can look exactly like everyone else and not have to fuss with developing your unique style.  It's harsh, we know, but that's the way things are in the fashion world (especially in The Devil Wears Prada):

Miranda Priestly: You have no sense of fashion.

Andy Sachs: I think that depends on...

Miranda: No, no, that wasn't a question.

There you have it.  The bestest menswear tips compiled into the greatest style list of all time.  Everything you'll ever need to know about menswear is contained on this page.  You'll never need to do your own research, exploration, or experimenting ever again.  You're welcome.  We just dropped the mic - that's your queue to leave.