Ties, Ties Everywhere: The Tie Bar Review

This article was originally posted in 2013. It has been updated based on our recent experiences with The Tie Bar.

Here at The Sharp Suit, we really like ties. We're suckers for them, we love their infinite colors and patterns, and they add instant style to both suits and casual wear. We've accumulated countless ties, and inevitably our collection grows by about a dozen or so annually. If we're being really honest, we might have a slight neck wear addiction. And if that's the case, then The Tie Bar is our enabler and the source of our dependency.

Why is The Tie Bar such a good neck wear dealer? Simple - their product is affordable and they've got a huge selection. It's easy to find a tie for any occasion, and the quality is consistently great. Spoiler alert: We're huge fans of The Tie Bar! We highly recommend you check them out, especially for the reasons we describe below.

Tie bar from The Tie Bar

Easily to Navigate

The Tie Bar's website is beyond easy to navigate. Use the menu bar to find the product you're searching for, and then search through the seemingly unlimited options until you find a tie, bow tie, or pocket square that calls to you. Ties obviously offer the most search options. We especially love that we can filter by color, length, and width. The only downside is that some results don't seem like perfect fits for certain filters. We're not quite sure why this Super Stripe is considered red when it's equal parts navy, too, but it's a minor issue in our opinion and doesn't make it any more challenging to fit the perfect accessory.

One thing to note - colors can appear different online than they do in real life. We've ordered ties that arrived colored slightly differently than we'd expected, but the variations were so slight they didn't affect our love of the products.

Easy to Find the Perfect Tie

The Tie Bar's greatest feature is its amazing selection. We'd actually go as far to call it "overwhelming." The company carries ties, pocket squares, socks, tie bars (obviously), and new items like belts in every conceivable color, style, and pattern! Every time we visit the site there are numerous new items to browse, and we rarely leave without buying a few new accessories. We've always lucked out finding perfect ties for events and occasions, and The Tie Bar is our first stop on the interwebs when we have a specific color or pattern we want.

Blue polka dot tie from The Tie Bar

A second thing to note - we have ordered a couple of ties that arrived with quality issues. The issues were minor, but one of the tie's defect was noticeable enough that we asked for a replacement. We got a new tie, so huge shout out to The Tie Bar's excellent customer service!

Easy to Afford

The Tie Bar is a great site for everyone for one major reason - it has great prices! It's great for guys just starting their menswear collection - you can't go wrong with ties under $20 (although we do miss the days of the $15 ties). Feeling adventurous? You're more likely to test out some new looks when the site makes them this affordable. And it's much more exciting receiving 3 or 4 ties in the mail for the same amount of money you'd spend for 1 or 2 ties at another retailer. The Tie Bar is the perfect site for building your closet, and the best part is it won't break the bank.

Pocket square from The Tie Bar

Hands down the best tie shopping website

The Tie Bar has been our go-to source for new ties and excellent accessories for years. We love the site's simple design, seemingly limitless selection, and impossible-to-beat prices. This is the first place we recommend friends and family visit when shopping for menswear accessories. If you haven't visited yet, hurry over to The Tie Bar and you'll see for yourself exactly what we mean!

Coming in at a close second is Ties.com. This site not only has a wide selection of dapper accessories to choose from and a well-curated blog, but the free shipping and promo codes help to make this site a go-to.

Got a favorite product from The Tie Bar? We especially love their knit ties, but we want to hear your favorites! Leave us a note in the Comments section below, or tweet us @TheSharpSuit. We can't wait to hear from you!