Build Your Wardrobe With Fashion Icon Georges Marciano

Build Your Wardrobe With Fashion Icon Georges Marciano

The name Georges Marciano may not sound familiar, but you've likely heard of GUESS jeans at some point in time.  Well, Mr. Marciano was the founder of GUESS and has since become a fashion icon.  He was a denim pioneer and the inventor of stone washed jeans.  Thanks to Mr. Marciano GUESS has been known for their distinctive jeans since the 1980's and the brand continues to attract a new generation of customers today.  After building GUESS into a renowned fashion brand, Mr. Marciano is now diving back into apparel with his first online endeavor for men and women called Georges Marciano Since 1978.

At The Sharp Suit, we love discovering and sharing new brands with you.  The style icon Georges Marciano understands the finer points of fashion, and his Georges Marciano Since 1978 apparel line combines a strong American heritage with sensibility, form, and function.  One of the other great things we love about this brand is their commitment to producing clothes locally.  Believe it or not, all of the pieces are made in Los Angeles - everything from sewing the fabric to the labels on the products.  Knowing not only the design but also the Southern California workmanship that goes into each piece makes us Orange County natives especially intrigued by this emerging brand.

Maybe you find yourself thinking these jeans aren’t for you.  While this line offers nine washes to choose from, you may find it difficult to picture yourself in one of them.  Being visual people ourselves we decided to put together a couple looks to show that, no matter what your personal style, there is bound to be a wash that suits you.  Now, these jeans may seem too pricey to guys who typically spend $40-50 on jeans, but these fashionable options can serve as the cornerstone of any man's wardrobe.  (Note: Georges Marciano is currently offering 50% off their apparel, so now is the perfect time to snag something you really like).  Here are a couple easy ways to construct stylish outfits around Georges Marciano Since 1978 jeans, simply by investing a little more in a cornerstone piece and then shopping smart for the remaining wardrobe pieces.

Light Jeans Outfit

Is your style more of the laid back type?  These light blue jeans are the centerpiece of this outfit that's perfect for watching sports, running errands, or having a night out with the guys.  The sweatshirt and jacket can be removed depending upon your climate and the time of year - here in Southern California, we'd keep the shirt but opt out of either the sweatshirt or the jacket during all but December and January.  These handmade boots help complete the look by complimenting the handiwork that went into each pair of jeans.

Dark Jeans Outfit

Do you typically lean towards dressier outfits? Maybe you have a big date coming up?  These dark Georges Marciano jeans are the perfect starting point for your dressed-up look.  Pair them with a patterned button-down, sharp leather shoes and belt, slip on a sports coat, and you'll be looking great for that special someone.  You can obviously change the shirt's colors and pattern to suit your personal style, and can even add a pocket square to the ensemble for that extra personal touch.

As you can see, it's easy to build great outfits around the stylish new Georges Marciano clothing line no matter your personal style!  We highly urge you check out the Georges Marciano Since 1978 website - between its iconic looks (and current 50% discount), now is a great time to explore the stylish looks this fashion icon has to offer!

We appreciate being asked to write this sponsored post for Georges Marciano Since 1978.  How would you put together some pieces from the new line to fit your personal style?  Leave a comment below or tweet us @TheSharpSuit with your ideas!