The Sharp Suit debuted on the internet long ago, in a simpler time known as 2012.  Back then, we were just two brothers who recently entered the working world and realized our college wardrobes needed work-appropriate upgrades.  As we looked around our workplaces and dove into menswear, we discovered two important insights:

1.    Many guys our age didn’t understand basic menswear tenants, especially when it came to suits

2.    Professional attire was fairly basic (best described as what the French call le boring)

These insights, and our own desire to learn, led us to launch The Sharp Suit blog.  Initially we focused on jackets, pants, shirts and ties, and emphasized that every man’s style journey was uniquely his.  Even as we shared tips for matching shirts and ties or shared our experiences with online retailers, we always emphasized that a guy’s personal style should be a reflection of his personality, appearance, and interests.  We may be brothers, but we each have unique styles that fit our own personalities and body types.

collage edited wide.jpg

Time passed, and we explored new topics.  We filmed How to Tie a Tie videos from new perspectives and had fun imagining menswear looks for classic movie monsters.  We eventually put our personal mantra to the test, and unveiled our unique handcrafted menswear accessory – the wooden pocket square!  We expanded into various woods, and Matthew even debuted personalized, laser engraved pocket squares at his wedding.  Despite all this excitement, our goal remains the same as it was when we launched The Sharp Suit so very long ago:

Helping men express their personal style!!

We hope to join in your own style journey, and we want our advice, tips, reviews, and products to help you discover that unique, personal style.  Let us know what we're doing well.  Let us know how we can improve.  Let us know what you want to see.  But above all, experiment with your own look and have fun looking très bien on this style journey!

- Matthew & Steven